Commercial Property Executive, “Creative office space and high-end amenities are typical of traffic-ridden, booming urban areas. … However, an increasing number of millennials and members of Generation Z are flocking to the suburbs, bringing the urban feel to unusual spaces.”

What’s happening?

The wants and needs of this new employee demographic in suburban offices is causing designers and architects to shift their approach from bland, purely functional office spaces, to places that feel more like the trendy office hubs you find in cities.

These more “traditional” suburban office buildings don’t need to be built from scratch, however, many developers and tenants are recognizing the need to incorporate more spaces that are communal, green and accessible via public transportation.

What should those with a stake in suburban offices keep in mind to accommodate this shift?

And remember, the people who are selecting offices to invest in or lease space in are millennials, too. Millennials –– born as early as 1981 –– can be anyone from mid-level to upper management and executives, not just lower-level employees. Your marketing should reflect their concerns as well.
So, if you deal in offices in suburban locations, don’t hesitate to get started designing high-end marketing materials that communicate what millennials want. Contact Buildout to learn more about our solution for creating professional, beautifully-designed marketing materials that hit on all of the important aspects of a property.

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