As a dentist, you know you need help with your marketing, but how can you make sure the dental marketing company you work with is the right fit for your practice?

Over the past decade, online marketing has become an integral part of our society, the business world and especially the dental industry.

Potential patients are regularly exposed to what the world is saying about what you do and the quality of the services you provide as a dentist.

Patients want a dentist they can trust and online marketing is the key to building that trust.

The right dental marketing company should be able to partner with you, using multiple channels such as your website, online reviews, social media, pay per click ads, etc. to create a consistent flow of quality new patients to your practice year after year.

On the other side, the worst marketing companies spend your marketing budget and fail to produce those patients for your practice. They have no interest in partnering with you to grow your practice.

Unfortunately we’ve worked with dentists over the years who have trusted companies like this and have been left frustrated and disillusioned when it comes to online marketing.

So how can you can be sure your practice chooses the right dental marketing company?

Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by a company that made big promises and failed to deliver.

Or perhaps you’re considering online marketing for the first time and don’t know where to start.

No matter the stage of your dental practice or how far you are into the process of finding the right marketing solution, our newest FREE Dental Insider’s Guide is for you.

Start With Research!

Word Of Mouth
Use the contacts you’ve made during your years as a dentist. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so ask those you trust who they use to handle their marketing and what kind of success they’ve had.

Search Online
Everyone uses Google, so it’s the perfect place to start. Searching Google for dental marketing companies allows you to narrow your search based on location, time in business and target audience.

Read reviews and look for proven case studies of success. If a dental marketing company is truly an expert in their field, they will be featured in periodicals, have participated in speaking engagements, been referenced in magazines, have a YouTube channel, recognized as guest writers for other blog sites, etc.

Let Them Come To You
Do you ever receive flyers or postcards from companies seeking your business? What about phone calls?  If you’ve ever been solicited in any way by a marketing company, take the time to do your own interviewing based on the printed materials you’ve collected or during that phone conversation from that well-meaning marketing representative.

Narrow Down The List
Once you’ve put together a list of several solid marketing company candidates, you need to cut it down to about three options.

At this point you’ve done your research and are getting close to making a decision.

However, what if you’ve been fooled into thinking a marketing company is legitimate when it isn’t?How can you tell?

Unfortunately we’ve seen it happen all too many times. Some seemingly great companies just aren’t quite what they claim to be and partnering with one can seriously damage your dental practice.

So how can you be sure you don’t fall victim to a marketing company scam? A great place to start is by investigating how they claim to improve your practice’s .

In our newest Dental Insider’s Guide we’ve included a bonus resource detailing how to spot an SEO scam. Make sure to click the link below to access the resource!

3 Factors To Consider

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to 3 potential marketing companies, it’s time to hear their proposals. Be prepared to ask questions, ask for case studies to lend proof to their claims and ask for website design samples.

Are they experts in DENTAL marketing, not just general marketing? Make sure they are actually knowledgeable in what they are doing based on your dental business needs.

Do they have data to back up their claims? of dental practices like yours that they’ve helped grow. If they’ve done it before, then they’ll have a system that works to do it again.

Do they respond quickly to your phone calls and emails?

The Value Of A Dental Marketing Company
A dental marketing company can provide a valuable outside perspective of your dental practice and the goals it needs to reach in order to attract new patients consistently.

They’re not limited by your practice’s dynamics and internal politics, and can come at your dental marketing challenges with an unbiased view, as well as alert you to additional opportunities you may not know are available.

Digital marketing has multiple facets; most agencies are not equally good at all of them. Look for a dental marketing company that has the strengths that help you in the areas where you feel your dental business can most benefit.

Your goal is to have a partner in your business that will work hard to help you reach your new patient attraction and practice growth goals year after year.

This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been updated to include the latest dental marketing information.