What is Gen Z to you? They might just be the new round of students starting university, or maybe they are a generation you’re scared of. You may see them as a generation that will spend too much time on their phones, unable to develop proper social skills. Well, we believe Gen Z will have a much larger impact than you think on global markets and the food service industry.

Gen Z hates having facts sugar coated, and are in constant need of transparency—they want to know everything. That is why brands have put so much time and effort recently into social media in order to connect with their audience and provide an honest interaction. In addition, this generation is all about efficiency and convenience. They want it all right now, and the process needs to be easy. That is why mobile ordering will thrive so significantly amongst this generation. So the question becomes; where can you find the most concentrated group of Gen Z students these days? Easy. Campuses. And that’s why campuses need mobile ordering.

As campuses are able to cater properly to their student’s needs, the quicker it becomes to increase profits and satisfaction levels amongst students. To give you an idea of how engrained Gen Z students are in technology, here are some stats.

  • 79% teen females (Gen Z) shop online and 75% of teen males shop online
  • 50% of the teens prefer to shop only online, avoiding physical stores
  • 54% of Millennials said that shopping apps were easier to use than online sites
  • In any 6 month period, it is projected that more than half of consumers who make an online purchase will be Millennials.

We are at a point where a strong campus mobile ordering strategy is not just a novelty, but a requirement. To Gen Z, mobile ordering is not simply a feature but a better overall dining experience. With mobile ordering, campus dining services are able to seamlessly integrate themselves right into the fast-paced life of a student, without inconveniencing them. It also provides a transparent ordering process in which students know when their order is being made, when it is ready to pick up, and everything in between. In addition, the capabilities of mobile ordering allow students to choose food items based on their dietary preferences and allergies. Gone are the daily routines of late night pizza ordering, and McDonalds value picks; Gen Z collectively prefers healthier options according to The Center for Generational Kinetics.

In order to completely satisfy the needs of Gen Z, your best channel is mobile. Unlike millennials, there was never a time in Gen Z’s life where technology wasn’t present. They will always be looking for the best technology and how it can drive collaboration and change. As a campus, having mobile-friendly options are a requirement for student satisfaction and can’t be ignored.

Hangry provides a campus branded mobile app that encompasses all auxiliary services. Don’t ask your students to download 5 different apps, when it can all be accessible from one. Provide mobile ordering, loyalty & rewards, event purchasing and more all from one place. Gain access to mobile marketing strategies, real-time dashboard analytics, and increase student satisfaction. Your Brand. Your App. Let’s get started:

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