Many millennials, now in their late twenties to early thirties, are making up more of the workforce every day. But , a generation with birth dates that started in 1995, are just getting started. Much like previous generations before them, they are ready and hungry for the experience—and it’s time to save them a seat at the table with intern and entry-level positions., in partnership with global research firm TNS, recently released a surveying more than 2,000 individuals across all generations. The document dissects everything you ever wanted to know about this age group but were afraid to ask. Or perhaps you didn’t ask and lumped them into the same category as millennials—a major faux pas for any employer to make, since Gen Z outnumbers millennials by 1 million.

According to the report, this is the generation that is going to “bring it.” Here’s a look at how they plan to transform the work environment, and why they’re worthy of your investment.

1. They’re driven by purpose.

The great majority of Generation Z doesn’t want to work at a job solely for the sake of making money. Seventy-four percent surveyed state that they want to be passionate about their career, make a difference, and have a purpose. They’re in it not to win it, but to leave behind their mark.

This is huge for companies with strong mission statements, like that give back to society and their community while still making a profit. Gen Z sees companies like these and wants to work for places aligned with their values.

Companies with toxic environments, a lack of work/life balance, and no room for growth will need to restructure and take a closer look at what they stand for in order to attract the next generation. Otherwise, Gen Z doesn’t mind moving along to work at a business where they feel appreciated. In fact, “a boss I respect” ranks as one of their top three criteria when accepting job offers.

2. Gen Z are the “first true digital natives.”

Millennials weren’t born into technology. Many can still recall cassette tapes, dial-up internet, and life before smartphones existed.

Gen Z, however, grew up in a world where they were able to embrace social media, WiFi, and texting at a young age. And that makes them highly reliant on technology and staying connected. They’re proficient multitaskers, able to take on several assignments at a time.

There was a time when many would claim an employee sending an email while editing a photo on Instagram and listening to a podcast was “too distracted.” But for this generation, it’s the norm. They can do their job anywhere and are ready to embrace new devices and social media platforms, helping to ensure the business they work for stays current and up-to-date.

3. If you offer them a good opportunity, they’ll come to you.

According to 74% of Gen Z individuals profiled, they’re willing to move for a good job opportunity. Emphasis on “good,” of course. In addition to seeking great leadership and room to grow and do great work, Gen Z wants two more valuable things from their first job. Sixty-three percent require a competitive salary, and 70% want health insurance provided by their employer.

At the end of the day, keeping anyone, Gen Z or not, happy and motivated in the workplace does not revolve solely around a ping pong table, beers in the break room, or catered lunches. It’s also not found in unlimited vacations or gym memberships. Gen Z seeks passion, compensation, and security to stay happy and motivated. If you can provide all three to them, as many businesses are gradually doing more and more of, then your investment will be paying off with a dedicated team that will remain loyal for years to come.

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