Ready to feel old? Generation Z is officially entering the workforce! So, it’s time for businesses to face the question, “How can we start adjusting our recruiting efforts to begin attracting Gen Z?”

We know what your business is thinking: “We have just started to get comfortable with all of the hiring changes for Millennials!” But that’s the thing about time: It never seems to stop. We all must understand that new generations are continuously integrating themselves into the workforce. For businesses to remain relevant, progressive, and ultimately, successful, they should embrace change and make the proper adjustments for the future ambassadors of their business.

So, who is this Generation Z anyway? There is still dispute over the years that identify Gen Z, but rumor has it that individuals born between roughly 1995 – 2009 fall into this category. Gen Z has grown up multi-tasking, whether it be video games, social media, or quick access to myriads of information. They do not know a world where immediate gratification of information is not at their fingertips (literally). Thank you, Google.

Now that we’ve had time to get over the fact that people born in 1995 are entering the workforce and now that we’ve been able to get to know this new talented group of potential employees, let’s dive in and talk about recruiting these up-and-comers! Here are the top three things your business needs to know about recruiting Gen Z: 

1. They need technology! Remember our introduction to Gen Z! They are multi-taskers and constantly connected. These individuals should have high computer proficiency since they do not know a world apart from technology and immediate access to information. Businesses should respond by meeting this generation on their level. Make sure your business offers positions that will allow them to utilize these strengths! Gen Z may be suspicious or lack understanding as to why a business is not running on all cylinders when it comes to technology, because they are. 

2. They want a healthy work-life balance. According to SHRM, Gen Z is looking for a work-life balance. Research indicates that they may even choose a part-time gig over full-time in a pursuit of flexibility and balance. They are always attached to their technology, so businesses should use this to their benefit. Use telecommunication perks and remote connection potential to attract this generation, if it is relevant to your industry. 

3. They pursue higher meaning. Gen Z, much like every other generation, wants to find meaning; however, meaning may look different to them. For this generation, their current job will fully not define their meaning. Gen Z needs to know how businesses will have a positive impact on society as a whole. If you’re a company that embraces philanthropy, highlight this during the recruitment process. Allow new recruits to feel as if their efforts are going above and beyond a paycheck. This will engage your new recruits quickly and potentially, solidify loyalty.

4. They respond to job searches differently. Reaching out to Gen Z via LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger are not as effective as they are on older generations. Gen Z communicates via live streaming. Businesses should research ways to brand themselves on these platforms, as well as on SnapChat or YouTube. Create videos with current employees expressing their positive views of your company and start posting! Conduct FaceTime screening interviews or Skype your recruits in order to screen them in the beginning stages of your process. These are just a few inexpensive, proactive recruiting efforts that may add talent to your teams! 

5. They should not be stereotyped. Finally, it’s important to remember to never judge an individual by the majority. Never jump to a conclusion because you’ve made a preconceived notion based on a generational study or majority view. Always do your due-diligence in your interview process to identify actual strengths, goals, and overall fit for your position. Give each and every person a fair interview. This is not only legally mandated, but it is truly good for your business.