Volunteer: Stories of PhilanthropyGen Z is On It!

Stereotypes about Generation Z are just that: stereotypes. Yeah, they may always have that mobile device nearby, but they’re about more than just screen time. They’re out in the real world, engaging with their community and volunteering to work on projects that make a positive impact.

  • 13 year-old Jean-Luc Charlier (R) and friend work on a massive tile mural in Edgebrook. “It’s a really good community project.”
  • Gracie Barrow (R) and Brianna Madrigal (L) and other teens plant vegetables at an Allowance For Good outdoor gardening project in Evanston.
  • Elizabeth Newton, founder of Allowance For Good, says volunteering is “a chance to leave a great impression on a youth’s life.”
  • Kennedy Gowder (R) a 15-year-old peer mentor at the IMPACT Family Center in Morgan Park. She’s a volunteer mentor to other teens.

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