Our latest report into the generational lifestyles of major age groups within North Africa and the Middle East reveals just which generations are swapping family dinners for thicker wallets.

We surveyed 2996 people in the Middle East and North Africa between February and March this year and found that Generation Z (born on or after 1996) and Millennials (born between 1978 and 1995) believe it’s more important to make money than spend time with friends and family. Other things they value more than spending time with friends and family are being fit and healthy, and having a fulfilling career.

The trend within the results of our survey show that the older respondents are, the more they family time with their nearest and dearest. In fact the Silent Generation (born on or before 1945) value it more thany anything (including having good health).

Further findings from the report reveal:

  • Generation X use their phone at work more than any other age group

  • Generation Z dislike shopping the most

  • The highest level of education for the Silent Generation is most commonly primary school

  • Millennials tend to work as housewives or househusbands more than any other field of employment

  • Baby Boomers most commonly live in a household of only two peopl
  • The majority of all generation only shop when they need something

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