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Gen Z has different communication preferences, workplace styles, consumer habits, and worldviews. The change and challenge—as well as the tremendous opportunity—that Gen Z brings to business leaders and the world is why we deliver multiple Zconomy™ services. This includes Zconomy™ speaking, Zconomy™ consulting, Zconomy™ training, and Zconomy™ research.

Now is the time to educate your organization and leadership so they accurately understand Gen Z’s mindset and how to win this generation as employees, customers, and predictors of the future. In fact, Gen Z’s massive impact on businesses large and small, across all major industries, is just now being felt. Already executives, boards of directors, institutional investors, and the media are seeing that Gen Z is thinking and behaving differently than Millennials—and the difference is only going to accelerate.

Jason Dorsey, The Center for Generational Kinetics’ President, frequently says, “Leaders too often view Gen Z as an extension of Millennials. As if Gen Z is Millennials 2.0. This is not what our national and international Gen Z research has uncovered. We’ve uncovered that Gen Z is dramatically different from Millennials in numerous important and growing ways that will transform business and our world. These generational differences explain why an employment or marketing strategy that worked with Millennials can completely fail with Gen Z today.”

The Center for Generational Kinetics has led numerous research studies around the world to uncover what drives Gen Z’s behavior and mindset as consumers, influencers, tech users, shoppers, students, and trendsetters. Our Zconomy™ services are designed specifically to help our clients take action right away to drive measurable outcomes with Gen Z in this critical time in their emergence.

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Together we can solve the Gen Z challenge and unlock the tremendous potential this exciting generation brings as employees, consumers, and trendsetters.

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