PSFK’s Forecast Z report takes a look at how Gen Z are using products, environments, diets and routines to stimulate their minds and emotions


  • 9 january 2018

Wellness has been booming, with the Millennial market spawning everything from mindful coworking spaces to motivational chatbots. Our latest report, Forecast Z, takes a look at how the younger consumers who make up Gen Z will approach the industry as they come of age in a trend called ‘Mind Control.’

While Millennials’ approach to wellness focused on balance—balancing physical, mental and spiritual reactions to create a stable equilibrium—Gen Z’s wellness focus is control. Armed with a greater understanding of holistic health, they proactively hack environments, diet and routines for peak performance.

PSFK’s Forecast Z Survey found that 94% of Gen Z use health and lifestyle habits to help control their mental attitudes. According to a Varkey Foundation study, 94% believe that being healthy both mentally and physically is the most important factor contributing to overall happiness.

Products that cater to Gen Z’s wellness aspirations are already appearing, and we can expect to see more of them. MONQ is a portable aromatherapy diffuser that uses essential oils from organic and natural ingredients. Users breathe in the oils from the diffuser to achieve their preferred state. The brand’s slogan “feel the way you want” directs customers to a selection of oil blends geared toward moods including zen, happy, active, sleepy and sexy.

Another example is the hiMoment app, which uses AI to stimulate user happiness. The “digital happiness guru” collects happy moments and applies an algorithm to be able to recommend these memories for specific situations. The app also provides a mental workout—the act of cataloguing, describing and revisiting good memories—to boost the user’s mood.

To take advantage of this trend, wellness brands with relevant products can lead with the benefits to help consumers understand how specific ingredients can impact their health, mind and emotions. They should also provide transparent labeling with detailed product and ingredient information to cultivate trust with shoppers. Meanwhile, brands outside of the industry can benefit by making wellness a component of retail and experience activations.

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Lead Image: MONQ