Hear that? It’s the little voice in the back of your mind that’s been telling you for YEARS that your dental marketing needs a stronger online presence. Our new tool makes it incredibly simple to make real progress TODAY.

We understand — starting something new is always difficult. But whether you’re learning to paint, cook, or build a dental marketing strategy, there are two things that make it infinitely easier and more achievable:

  1. A clear understanding of your goals and what it will take to reach them
  2. A mentor to personally guide your efforts and answer questions

That’s why we’ve developed our best free dental marketing tool ever, the new Dental Social Media Self-Assessment. We’ve distilled a comprehensive evaluation of your dental practice’s online presence down to just 25 questions — it’s a guided tour through each of the elements of attracting and retaining patients through social media. And at the end, we provide specific action items and free learning resources to help you improve where you need it most.

It’s the perfect kickoff point for transforming and growing your practice through social media! Click here to take it now, commitment-free. It may be the most important five minutes you ever spend on your dental marketing!

Create a Well-Rounded Dental Marketing Strategy

One of the great things about the new Dental Social Media Self-Assessment is that it doesn’t just focus on one part of dental marketing. It provides a brief overview of all the main aspects of creating a vibrant, attractive online presence for your practice.

From having accounts on the right social media platforms, to reviews, team culture and more, it will get you thinking about the essential dental marketing elements of your practice — things that may mean the difference between a potential patient calling or not.

Dental Marketing That Involves Your Whole Team

Taking the Dental Social Media Self-Assessment will get you in the right mindset to create a dental marketing strategy that your entire team can participate in. Getting consistent engagement is crucial to helping new patients find you on social media, but it can be difficult for practices just starting out on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t ignore your greatest resource in this situation — your team members!

Your team members are likely connected on social media to thousands of ideal potential patients in your area, and if you’re not leveraging those connections, you may be missing out on reaching hundreds of people that would have a high chance of scheduling an appointment with you.

We say “leverage your team members’ connections,” but don’t read that the wrong way. We’re not saying to encourage your team members to sell dentistry to their friends on social media. The smarter approach is to encourage your team members to simply interact with your practice’s posts — sparking some engagement and helping more people see them.

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Turn Patients Into Your Greatest Dental Marketing Asset

A large following doesn’t guarantee that your practice’s posts will make it to many of your patients, even less so to your ideal potential patients. And if you’re starting your dental practice’s digital dental marketing strategy with less than 100 social media followers, as we suspect many taking the Dental Social Media Self-Assessment are, how are you supposed to build your online presence in the first place? An important part of the solution is patient posting.

What do we mean by that? Well, because posts from personal accounts aren’t subject to the same organic reach limitations that business posts are, your patients’ personal posts have a much higher chance of being seen by their family and friends — people who remember and trust their recommendations.

The best way to introduce your practice to the people most likely to become new patients is through your existing patients online! Taking the Dental Social Media Self-Assessment will help you create content that patients are proud to share with their family and friends.

Your Path to Dental Marketing Success Starts Here

Because you’ve read this far, we think you’re serious about growing your practice through remarkable dental marketing. Start your efforts on the right foot with a comprehensive evaluation of where you’re at and what you should focus on first!

Our new Dental Social Media Self-Assessment will give you a quick overview of each of the elements of building a strong online presence for your dental practice! It will provide you with personalized evaluation, actionable ways to improve where you need it most, and free, relevant learning materials.

It’s the perfect kickoff point for building your practice on social media! Click here to take it now, commitment-free. It may be the most important five minutes you ever spend on your dental marketing!