For many, Generation X is a cohort that is consistently overlooked. Trapped in the middle of two vocal generations – Baby Boomers and Millennials – it can be hard for businesses to gauge their preferences.

Having seen the rise of the internet while enduring two recessions, Generation X can be a complicated cohort to understand. However, having been compromised of adults who make thirty-one percent of the total US income, their influence is substantial and much more powerful than their numbers.

In order to optimize your brand’s success, we’ve compiled the top tips to ensure you’re properly engaging Generation X:

Provide Recognition

One of the most common characteristics of Generation X is feeling constantly underappreciated and undervalued for their work.

As a business trying to earn their patronage, you can show them appreciation by making them feel valued for their service. This can be as simple as responding promptly to messages, fulfilling requests as specified, and taking the time to learn about their preferences.

Understanding their specific preferences will allow you to create a more personalized and engaging relationship with Gen X customers. For instance, if a customer likes sparkling water with their meal, provide a complimentary sparkling water when they visit again. If they constantly ask for valet, have valet waiting for them the next time drop in. Going the extra mile and recognizing their preferences is a strong technique to driving Gen X loyalty and attracting new Gen X patrons.

Go Digital

Although Generation X might not have the digital tendencies of their younger cohort, they can be just as tech savvy as Millenials. In fact, they’re fluent in technology and prefer to use it in most cases when engaging with a business.

This means that social media, in addition to other forms of digital communication – such as text messaging or video chatting, are a great way to engage this cohort. If you’re a restaurant, try offering mobile or online ordering. If you’re a hotel, try offering online or mobile room service. By having online or digital methods of communication you increase the odds of engagement from Generation X.

Be Transparent and Honest

Your brand’s messaging and communication should depict a realistic experience and this a global concern for this generation. Take for example Gen Xers in Canada. As it stands, “ don’t feel like [brand] advertising aimed at them actually reflects their experience.” This isn’t a Canadian exclusive phenomenon. With Generation X, they appreciate truth and transparency in all forms of business operations.

Make sure your team knows to be transparent on request fulfillments and communicate with inquiring customers frequently. Keeping Generations Xers in the loop will only reassure them that you have their best interest at heart.

With a solution like Loop Messenger™, customers are always kept in the loop on the status of team member requests. Whether they’ve received a request, are working on a request, or completed it – team members are able to communicate in real time with the customer to ensure true transparency. In addition, they can effectively communicate back to make sure both parties are on the same page.

Engaging Generation Xers can have great potential for your brand. By providing exceptional service and appreciation in conjunction with these tips, you are one step closer to capturing their loyalty and increasing revenues from this valuable demographic group.