Live Data: Profile Of The Gen Z Consumer


Data from an original PSFK poll helps define the Gen Z consumer mindset and behavior

As the first digitally-born generation, Gen Z perceives the world through a unique lens; their definitions and expectations of digital, immersive experiences and brand purpose deviate greatly from other audiences. After conducting an in-depth survey, PSFK polled its research panel (the Purple Panel) to uncover insights into the Gen Z consumer mindset and behaviors toward identity, purpose, connection and creation.

Gen Z refuses to see the world through labels

As society transforms, Gen Z rejects traditional binary and systematic thinking and prioritizes being open-minded and inclusive of people’s various identities.

  • Say their top generational trait is open-mindedness
  • See their identities and affiliations as constantly in flux

And instead identifies through purpose

Members of Gen Z hold a greater sense of purpose and connection to global causes, and are purpose-driven in their retail, workplace and social behaviors.

  • Say that a brand’s purpose is its most important trait
  • 69% feel that brands should help them achieve goals that are important to them

They are the first generation to live simultaneously on- and offline

Gen Z is comfortable with digital, physical and hybrid tools.

  • 88% feel that technology helps them understand others in the real world
  • 60% say that online friendships can be just as powerful as IRL friendships
  • 31% exclusively go online using their smartphones

And are not afraid to share, borrow or remix ideas

Gen Z have different expectations of creative license and protectionism; they naturally collaborate, repurpose and reappropriate media, products and ideas.

  • First generation to grow up with blockchain technology as a tool for authentication and ownership tracking
  • Gen Z are 12% less likely than Millennials to perceive creative expression as a solitary event

For a breakdown of the raw survey data, Premium members can find it in the Forecast Z Report file download.

About: PSFK’s Forecast Z Survey was conducted in December 2017, in which over 500 US-based Gen Z and Millennials answered questions and offered insight about the changes and differences between the two generations.

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