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You thought Millennials were hooked to their phones? They don’t hold an iPhone flashlight to Gen Z.

According to our new national study, titled “The State of Gen Z 2018,”this mobile-dependent generation is reliant on their smartphone for everything and views it as an extension of themselves. They even feel anxiety without their phone and are losing sleep because they’re on it. The research revealed that:

explained, “Gen Z is truly immersed in a digital-everything world, with many spending double-digit hours each day on their phones. When you think about Gen Z’s typical time commitments of school, sleep, fun and possibly even work, this is a significant amount of time dedicated to interacting with a small screen, but that doesn’t faze Gen Z.”

Denise Villa, PhD, and CEO of The Center further explained, “Gen Z feel a surge of stress without their phone or if someone touches their phone without permission. This is tech addiction like we’ve never seen before, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.”

Visit to learn more about the study’s findings and download the complete Gen Z whitepaper. Researchers Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa, Ph.D. are available for comment.

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