You, me we’re all on Instagram, and very active so, usually wasting our time stalking our crush or favorite celebs. If we are going to spend hours on this fantastic app, why not make it useful, right?

Here we have for you some fantastic beauty hacks shared by Instagram users to make it worth your while.

1. Razors For Layers

Razors are lifesavers because it’s not possible to go wax the last minute. But I bet you never thought you could use it to get a haircut, did you? Just grab the portion of hair you want layers in, and only sweep your razor through it. Easy? Yes. Cheap? Yeas. Awesome? ABSOLUTELY!

2. Short Hair, Long Ponytail

Divide your hair into two sections, upper and lower. Tie both of them with separate hair-ties. Now spread the hair of your upper pony to hide the lower one. This will make your pony look much longer than it is.

3. Earrings As Hair Accessory

You don’t need to run to the jewelry stores every time you wish to decorate your hair. All of us wear earrings, especially traditional ones. You can use them as maang tika as the hook of the earring will make it stay. Amazing, right?

4. Curls With Pencils

If you want tight curls but don’t have the curling rod of a small radius, just put aside the rod and pick up your straightener and a pencil and use them to curl your hair beautifully.

5. Thick And Big Bun

Want a bigger bun but have beautiful/short hair? Don’t you worry, child? Just pick a sock that you don’t wear, cut it at the top part and roll it to get a doughnut shape. Use it like a rubber band and tie your hair around it in a bun and you will have a nice, thick and big bun you always wanted.

6. Mascara Over Greys

If you don’t have the time to color your hair and need a quick fix for your greys, just grab your mascara and run through the greys and done!

7. Vaseline Scrub

Vaseline can be used as a scrub over your lips. This will remove the flakiness, making your lips super soft.

8. Clean Your Mascara Wand

Mascara wands can be cleaned using a contact lens solution. This will remove existing clumps as well as sanitize your mascara.